About us

Have you ever thought of the function of a balcony?

Its purpose is to enlarge the living space of a house and the possible activities taking place in it.

Balkoni is a platform for artists that shares stories from around the world, through the collaborative aspects of clothing and events. Through this vision, two friends from Luxembourg decided to come up with Balkoni to enhance the playground for artists.

Balkoni Clothing

Neat, Artsy & Conscious are three words that express our clothing. Through our impeccable detail and minimalistic style we create timeless pieces that have extra focus on craftsmen-ship and sustainability. We as Balkoni believe in sustainable fashion and ethical production of our clothing. Our modern wardrobe brings you the essentials & limited-edition pieces from our collaborations with local and international artists. This allows each drop to be unique, timeless and artsy through different facets.

Balkoni Events

Balkoni events is a playground where essential elements of Balkoni’s DNA "art & music" collide to create a unique and involving experience through our interpretation of a vernissage.

We are a platform, 
We are a stage for artists, 
We are Balkoni.

Est. 2021